Remedial massage is designed to assist in repairing, regenerating and relieving pain in the soft tissues of the body through manual manipulation. When muscles have become tense, damaged or “knotted”, remedial massage can restore healthy function. The firmer pressure and targeted techniques of remedial massage can provide you with relief from pain, improved movement and improved healing for muscular injuries. A pre and post assessment is undertaken and treatment plan discussed to assist in the recovery time.


  • Feel good chemicals called endorphins are released

  • Stress inducing hormones norepinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol are reduced

  • Circulation is increased promoting increased oxygen to muscle cells

  • Lymphatic drainage is increased to promote waste removal from muscles

  • Muscle tension and pain in the form of knots and adhesions is released

  • Muscle fibres are elongated for increased elasticity and flexibilty

  • Muscle tension around joints is reduced to promote increased joint mobility

  • Correct posture is established as muscles relax and return to normal function